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to help shape the next generation of artists and creators through hands-on learning and exposure to opportunities that expand their ability and desire for the arts.

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to see students graduate through our programs with the tools and knowledge to create art with their unique style and ability and to promote artistic expression in others.

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Our classes are for kids 10+ and do not require any previous knowledge or participation in art-related activities. Each course is taught by a local artist who excels in this area of art and will provide an amazing learning environment for your student.


Our 6-week painting course takes students through the basics and fundamental parts of painting.  Brush types, paint mediums, color, perspective, as well as repeatable processes that help the student create their own art.

Our 6-week drawing course takes students through the basics of drawing techniques. Shapes, lines, shading, and vital exposure to different styles and artists.

Class dates coming soon.

Class dates coming soon.


Our 6-week digital course takes students through creating art within the app ProCreate.  Learn brushes, quick tricks, and helpful tools for navigating the ProCreate app and it's features.

Class dates coming soon.


Our 6-week doodles course will have your student upping their game and take their doodles to the next level.

Class dates coming soon.

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